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Mac OSX Tiger 10.4 in VirtualBox [Proof of Concept]

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in my trials of Virtualize OSX , yesterday i have tried to install Mac OSX Tiger 10.4 ( yes very old OSX) in Virtualbox


I was able to ?? ... Yes


Here i explain How to ...

Remember it's just a Proof of concept ...


GUIDE - How to install OS X Tiger 10.4 on Virtualbox 4.x


What we need

an Intel Core Duo2 Host computer

Windows XP or win7

Needed (VT-x) enabled on Bios PC

2GB of phisical Ram or more

VirtualBox 4.0 or later ( 4.30 better)

An Hackintosh distro of Tiger ( i.e. Mac.OSX.10.4.5 intelX86.iso -> Intel X86 , AMD, SSE2, SSE3 )


If you choose a OSX Tiger IntelX86 10.4.11 Distro you don't need later to update the Os....



1. Create virtual machine:


VM Name and OS Type


* Name: OSX Tiger

* Operating System: Linux

* Version: Linux 2.6 (32 bit or 64 bit is the same)

* enable virtualization in BIOS HOST computer (VT-x)

* Memory 1024 MB (minimum)

* Virtual Disk Size: 20GB (or more)

* Boot Order: CD/DVD-ROM, Hard Disk




2. Set Option in VM


Enable Hardware clock in UTC time

Enable absolute pointing device

Enable IO APIC

Display Video Memory: 32 MB

Extended Features: Enable 3D Acceleration


Storage SATA controller for HDD image Type: AHCI

IDE Controller for CD/DVD device Type: ICH9


Audio Host Audio: Windows Direct Sound

Audio Controller: Intel HD Audio



* Enable Network Adapter

* Attached to: NAT

* Adapter Type: Intel PRO/1000 MT Server (82545EM)

* Cable connected



3. Installation


Link OSX Tiger.iso to DVD emulation and run Virtual Machine

Start installation


- Choose the language you want

- Choose Disk Utility in the menu Utilities

- Choose the VBOX Hard Disk, put the name OSX Tiger and press Erase button

partition scheme GUID and HFS+ journaled

- When finished close the Disk Utility and continue

- Now you should be able to choose the formated drive and then choose install button

- Press Ad Hoc installation




- Intel BaseSystem package

- Intel SSe3 package

- Update to 10.4.5 ( in this case )


- Now it should install OSX Tiger on your volume (Notice that it will take ~20-30 min to finish!)



4. Post Installation


- Create user ...., ect...



Enjoy your old OSX Tiger on VB!







I'm trying to get the best from this old OSX ... Stay tunes for news ....

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I have teached to Mac OSX Tiger on Virtualbox a new Trick :


I got Full Video resolution inside Virtualbox by manually installing Chameleon 2.1svn r2003 ( i Know is for OSX Lion or ML but works ... so who care ...?)

and by setting Video custom resolution at 1680x1050x32 .


I have changed video resolution on MacOSXTiger.Vbox (before edit i have closed Virtualbox or the modifications were lost)

From windows using notepad and i have edited MacOSXTiger.Vbox and i have inserted in EXTRADATA the CustomVideoMode


<ExtraDataItem name="CustomVideoMode1" value="1680x1050x32"/>



Now i have booted Mac OSX Tiger and edited /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist : inserting Graphics Mode



Graphics Mode ='1680x1050x32'


Save, reboot


Voila! Now i can display full Resolution on my monitor.



Graphics = oob - NO QE/CI due to VM

Audio = ok need patch

Network =oob


Mac Osx Tiger shuts down even in Virtualbox ( don't freeze like Lion/ML or Mavericks). It really shuts down the VM closing window.


Using Chameleon give me the possibility to use SMBIOS.plist ( i make one like Mac3,1) and DSDT.aml (if i want)


See Ya





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