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GK110B cards, no OpenCl in 10.9/10.9.1 Beta

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At the tail of the "Make OpenCl work GF110" thread some posts exist that hint at this issue.


As reported by "Chibi Delenn" I can confirm that the EVGA GTX780 using ACX cooler has a GK110B chip. The card is highest clocked 780 I have seen, 104 Mhz over the reference 780.


This has resulted in no working OpenCl in 10.9 or with latest 10.9.1 Betas.


When a few people were reporting this it sounded like a couple crazy guys who didn't follow instructions.


It wasn't.


Whatever Nvidia did to up yields of "Ti" chips has had something to do with this.


It is unusual because the cards can run a standard GK110 BIOS and still have issue. Same device id, same BIOS  but "B" cards have issue.


Any app that requires OpenCl to be working crashes at launch.


I am hopeful that Nvidia will release an Nvidia Web driver shortly that fixes, or an Apple update will fix.


I think that this topic deserves a separate thread instead of hitchhiking on GF100/110 thread, more likely to find others and maybe find solution.

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