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  1. In the interest of accuracy, this is incorrect. Apple built in drivers will work for GTX680, 780, and first Titan. The ONLY Kepler cards that required Web Driver were the 780Ti and Titan Black. This should still be the case. All Maxwell and Pascal cards required the Web Driver.
  2. Great that it is working. Grateful to JimJ740 for his gift to the Mac community.
  3. I am testing on "Designed in Cupertino" Macs so no booting for me. Speeds were 2/3 or so of El Cap speeds, but I'm pretty sure JimJ wrote it for El Cap so not surprising.
  4. I tested it in Yosemite, it works but was much slower IIRC.
  5. Decided to start a separate thread. Please post results, I'm curious how much faster it will be on Hacks. And curious if it can be a boot volume now. Thanks to JimJ740. A free driver for everyone to use, please respect the legal document for continued freebies. http://www.macvidcards.com/nvme-driver1.html
  6. rominator

    NVMe Express digging

    A board that has EFI support for NVMe is what is needed for booting. So this driver could be much more important for you Hackintosh guys than for "real" Macs. Also quite a good deal faster.
  7. rominator

    NVMe Express digging

    And...it's live. Grab it and let us know how it works. http://www.macvidcards.com/nvme-driver1.html Hopefully JimJ740 will be gracing us all with some more nuggets like this.
  8. rominator

    NVMe Express digging

    Yes, yes, it's coming. I built an entire "store" [age for it and discovered that even if price was $0.00 it still was going to force everyone through checkout...not a useable system. So just doing it as a page. Sent it off to developer and he had some suggestions which I am doing today (Sunday) and then I will send it to him again for approval. Should be ready to go by Monday.
  9. rominator

    NVMe Express digging

    I can even confirm that it gives big numbers in Hack. Putting download page together, will update when official announcement comes.
  10. rominator

    NVMe Express digging

    Courtesy of a kind soul at MR who goes by JimJ, MacVidCards will be releasing a NVMe driver for OS X. Will be posted within next 48 hours and be FREE for personal use. I'm seeing 1500 MB/s read & writes in a 5,1 Mac Pro. Will be interesting what it will do in a Hack. I will update with a link when it is released.
  11. rominator

    Nvidia 9400 GT help

    Apple Graphics Power Management , a kext
  12. I have posted how to enable MST mode at MR. Requires Yosemite and an MST display.
  13. rominator

    BT handoff compatible

    You will either need to find a good hack from Toleda et al or use an official Apple board.
  14. Hi, I can confirm this exact same behavior. I have received 3 of these adapters and just as reported, they do NOT work in Mac Pro in PCIE slot but removing the smaller adapter and putting on Mini PCIE slot the WiFi works. Was also able to use USB cable while inside Mac Pro PCIE slot and use the BT. I then tried an older BCM43xx card "N" type from another Mac Pro and it works in PCIE slot. So my guess is that somehow there is a pin wrong or something, hard to say. So far I have seen two of them do this, haven't tried 3rd one but no reason to expect different.
  15. rominator

    Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    Hats off to SKVO and Toleda Between them they have gotten the 4352 from Broadcom working at 2/3 of 4360, a WHOLE lot better than before Using other little tricks from this board I was able to get 4352 running in Mac Pro at 867 M as "Airport Extreme" (Not possible to use in MP with BT without serious mods so I didn't try) Seems solid & stable, finally an ac solution for folks with Mini PCIE for $40 Confirmed working on 4,1 Mac Pro (5,1) running 10.9.2 Consistently runs at 500+