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Niresh 10.8.2 AMD

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Hi, I'm New Here , before asking for help I take two or three days busy and I can not find the key , see if you can lend a hand to me .


I have an AMD machine , I've seen the distro Niresh and say , why not? will test the characteristics of my team are:


CPU: AMD phenom II X4

GPU: sapphire hd 7770 ghz edition.

RAM: 6gb DDR3 1333mhz

HDD: 1tb sata 3 and 500 gb sata3 ( install on a 200gb partition on 1tb hdd , with windows attempt to have dualboot )


[ If necessary add let me know specifications are more ]


well, I Niresh 10.8.2 under its official website .

I record it on a DVD .

I put it and it started from the first of all rinse it in AHCI mode will not boot from DVD ...

so I leave it as it was and move on.


soon after starting on boot options put amd as indicated in your guide, start, hope it goes the installer.


select and delete the partition with MAC OS + format with registo and still " palante "


select the partition and choose customization : Graphics enabler and Audio autodetect and install ( not even selecting it 's the same , but I explain up front ) .


installation about 20 minutes and we got the first little screen with yellow triangle :




attempt to select boot disk utility and does not leave me (no, I have no picture of it xD)


sack the disc , rip normal and I jump starting the MAC with this kernel panic .




however, after this tochazo ... as fix all this? the problem is not the hdd ? permissions or something ( I 'm a little green on hackintosh )


Thank you !

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copy the kernel into the root of the os x drive... also i believe that the amd/ati 7xxx only works in 10.9 and 10.8.5... I might be wrong though

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