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Help with buying a ready built Hackintosh

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Hello everyone


I am pretty new to this forum, as well as the OS X.

I need some help on deciding on what secs of hackingtosh to buy.


First of all as far as i know, or heard, a hackintosh with correct hardware will be quiet stable.

i am not familier with the apple system, so correct me if i am wrong.


And for those who will recommend me to buy an IMac, i already thought about that.

Basically what i need is a system that will not require messing with, will work perfectly smooth with both OS x and windows 8.

On ebay i came accross few ready built hackintoshes, which are in a similar price range, but cannot really understand the difference, and whether it is worth to go for the expensive ones...


Here are the links...







I am not going to use it for high performance, such as movie editing or composing, but i am going to a graphics course and it should be able to handle programs such as illustrator and photoshop with no problem...


I will be attached and touchscreen LG monitor, of which the link is below, and i will also be connecting it to my hd tv, so it should be able to handle 2 screens with no problem.



Could you advice me of which one is worth to go. Also partwise the sellers are flexible, so if you have a recommendation on a certain hardware, please note it.


Thanks for your help in advance.



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