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[Help] I need some help with Retail disc etc


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Today I received my retail copy of OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 from Apple. I used a Nawcom AMD kernels for his ModCD seeing I have an AMD Processor. Everything else is practically Nvidia on my desktop pc.


So I inserted the cd, booted just fine. Swapped and refreshed and selected the retail disc. Booted into Mac OS X Installer then get the error that the Mac OS X Install cannot read the disc that it may be dirty to clean it and try to install again.


I got this error when I was working on waiting for the official copy when I downloaded the retail version a few days ago and burned to disc and got the same error. Even when burning the 2 discs I tried at a slower speed 2x which was the slowest I could go.


I don't have any issues with installing iAtkos V3 10.6.3 but I wanted to use a retail copy. There is nothing wrong with my CD drive that I can think of. Its been reading other CD's that I have burned trying to upgrade to 10.6.8 (which is a whole different story) long story short I loose my Ethernet connection and I backup kexts and still doesn't work so I end up having to rewipe and go back to 10.6.3.


Any suggestions, cause I have read online that the retail copy should work just not for me I guess......

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Why don't you install 10.6.3 again with iAtkos, update it to 10.6.7 (only to get the App Store) and then download and install Mavericks? It now works on AMD machines, even using nVidia graphics (as long as it's not onboard graphics).


All the best!


That's an idea, however I have somewhat of an older pc. Not sure if Mavericks would even work on it. I know when I looked into Niresh Mountain Lion I couldn't get it to boot into the installer. Maybe I missed something ??


My Specs


Acer Aspire X3200


CPU: Tripple core AMD Phenon X3 8400 2100 MHZ (10.5x200)

Mboard: Acer Aspire X3200

      Chipset Nvidia Geforce 9200, AMD K10


Display: Video Adapter-Nvidia GeForce 8200

3D Accelerator-Nivida GeForce 9200


Multimedia: Audio Adapter Nvidia HDMI MCP78


Storage: IDE Controller: Standard ACHI 1.0 Serial ATA

                        Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE


Network: Nvidia nForce Networking Controller

Modem: Agere PCI SV92EX Soft Modem


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Yeah, I think graphics would be a problem, even with Snow Leo: not much because of the older HW - but indeed these nVidia adapters look suspect - as because of the fact it's a laptop. You can always partition your disk - so you keep at least one working OS as a safeguard - and try anyway...


All the best!

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