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ATI 7500 Mobility (T42) Quartz Extreme Help.

Andrej Pintar

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I am trying to hack/fix QE on a ATI 7500.

I have installed iPC 10.5.6 and upgraded to 10.5.8. with some minor tweaks.


VGA works but not with QE.


I have read mostly all posts regarding QE and 7500. It was made to work with Tiger 10.4.

Same kext / pkg does install nicely on Leopard. To gain better performance I am struggling

with hacks to make this VGA card work.


I downloaded from code.google.com 7500 package. Installed it. Also changed AGPGart.kext Info.plist

to match my config. Always after restart added manualy -f to kernel flags so it would load kexts and changes in AGPGart.kext.


For now I am not lucky to configure it. I did search for KEXTs but did not find anything that would

be useful.


Also seen that OpenGL would need to be patched?? same hack as AGPGart.kext?


If anyone could make this kext work I would gladly pay you for your service.


I am happy with 10.5.8 version on this older laptop. Works better than ubuntu and windows. I seem to

be loving this version very much.


Hope someone has some time to spare.



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