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Clover, computer couldn't Sleep, with CSM enabled


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I finally bit the bullet and have successfully moved Mavericks from Chameleon to Clover. Everything runs great except for one thing, the computer would reboot itself after going to sleep for awhile, sometimes a few mins, sometimes hours, its really random; and even before crashing, although the monitor was turned off, I could still hear the computer's fans at full speed, so I doubt it was really a deep sleep.


Later, I found a solution which involved disabling CSM in BIOS. I so bit the bullet (again), moved my Windows from hybrid UEFI/BIOS to fully UEFI boot, and turned off CSM. So far so good, except that my MSI GTx680 doesn't have UEFI BIOS, that means booting up with error beep from the MB (which I could tolerate), and the worst is no way to change BIOS settings, and Clover options on boot. Every time I wanted to change something, I had to enable IGFX and plug my monitor to onboard DVI which is totally annoying to say the least.


Any suggestion on this small issue would be very much appreciated.




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