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Fujistsu ah532 can't load hd4000 kexts


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Hi guys I'm trying to hackintosh this laptop

Fujitsu AH532

i3 3110m
HD 4000
ALPS point trackpad
osx 10.8.4

i have installed osx and posting from it right now, I had to remove all intel video kexts from S/L/E to boot into OSX with latest chameleon boot loader.

I have managed to get the trackpad , keyboard , LAN and sound working.
Also I'm using a TPLink wn725n usb wifi adapter and it is also working.

Now I want to enable HD 4000.
Can someone help me wit this.

I can't get intelframebuffercapri to load which I think is the key to hd4000



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Try to set the key for ig platform id first to 3 or 4. Then try the rest. A good idea would bee to set it for trying at bootpromt only as flag. You can then easy change it. But you have first to reinstall the Capriframebuffer. If none of the ig´s is working, try to boot with flag -x in your install.


Have fun.

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