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USB weird problem on FOXCONN 662mmx board OSX86 10.9 Mavericks

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Hi, I successfully managed to install 10.9 Mavericks on a Foxconn 662mmx board. I realise this is quite an old board now but its temporary until I can find some cash to get a UEFI modern board. Its working fine but with a weird issue with the USB ports, more specifically the keyboard and mouse. 95% of the time when mac os X boots into the desktop, the mouse and keyboard will be frozen and the only way to remedy it is to remove them and put them in a DIFFERENT port than they was in, like its playing musical chairs with all the USB ports lol. For example I can have the mouse plugged into the top port on the left, next reboot I might have to unplug it and put it into another port, like I have to find the port it likes on that current bootup - if you understand what I mean sorry not easy to explain.

Disabling legacy USB mouse and keyboard in bios works sometimes but that gives another problem as I cant type in any kernel flags in chameleon.

I was wondering if there was an different USB kext or something I could try. I think the USB is based on a SIS chipset.


Thankyou very much

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