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10.4.8 & ATI & qe/ci & opengl. Howto.


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Would someone please post a detailed howto on how to get 10.4.8 qe/ci with ati drivers other than the last neo-installer? the new opengl.framework should give all ati users a little speed-boost by the new pipeline-feature i suppose.

i tried yesterday by installing the new opengl and the (experimental) ati drivers with kikos update. crashed my system (missing prebindings/and/or permissionsfaults and me acting the wrong way- do not try to install neos ati installer under 10.4.8. install it *before* upgrading with kiko... if applied afterwards it may put your system to complete dust, especially if you try to install new kexts afterwards)


1. what frameworks should and could be installed?

2. what kexts?

3. and in what order/way?


Thank you.

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