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How come this odd problems happen to me?

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From 10.4.5 to 10.4.8, this odd problems annoying me over time to time, now, it's too serious that i can use mac anymore ...

With no reason, the mac os x always hangs, and holds the screen with no response, it hangs when loading in to desktop , or hangs at the desktop . Once it can get pass by reboot it again and again , now i can't get through it anymore, it's really sad ...

I do install in VMware and in the same way for 10.4.5 to 10.4.8, the mac os x can be loaded in vmware, sometimes can load natively, but now, no luck to load natively ...

I may consider any hardware problems, i have tried to use on hardisk only with single-channel ram ... is it possible the problems of Power?? it's hard to link that up ..?!

:( Anyone have some clues on this ???


my configuration (that is really common ...)


CPU : Intel Pentium 4 2.66Ghz@OC 3.01Ghz ,x86, MMX, SSE, SSE2

Mainbroad: Gigabyte Intel865PE Chipset

Ram: PQI DDR400 512Mx2

Display:XFxGeForce NVIDIA 6600GT GDDR3 256M/128bit

Sound Card: Built-in Realtek AC'97 Audio

Lan Card: Built-in Realtek RTL8169 Family Gigabit Ethernet

Hardisk:Maxtor 6Y160P0 160GB

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