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WDN4800 randomly, silently dropping connection

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Hello all,


I have a TL-WDN4800 b TP-Link, which worked fine under Mountain Lion, but drops connection randomly under Mavericks. No errors appear in Console, and the WiFi indicator in the status bar still shows that I am connected, but I can't access websites or even the router's admin screen.  If I turn off Wifi and re-enable it it will work fine again for an undetermined amount of time.


Has anyone else experienced this? 


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I have the same card and it used to behave well with my Gygabyte H77/Core i5 rig. I moved a couple of days ago to an ASUS Z97 Gryphon/Core i7 and since then, I have the a similar issue: constant disconnections even as the connection is still reported as active in the menu bar. Have someone ever solved this issue?


All the best!

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