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I’m new to Parallels and so will have a few noobish questions and so I apologise in advance.


1. Can you install parallels if you have a Hackintosh PC as I’ve really only seen clips on people’s macs?

2. To run both OSX and Windows do i use “Parallels Desktop for Mac” or “Parallels Workstation 2.1 for Win&Lin”?

3. How much slower is it than running natively? (I have 1GB Ram and 3.4GHz P4 processor)

4. Do you install from OSX or Windows or through a boot CD?

5. I’ve noticed that one some screen shots Windows in contained within a window and in others it’s maximised. Are they both available?

6. If it runs though Mac then is Windows slow OR if it runs through Windows then is Mac slow?

7. When you have parallels installed does it load both Windows and OSX at bootup or do switch on one or the other afterwards? This

video looks like you need to load it up but others look more like you just switch the program on and that’s it really.

8. How easy is it to get rid of and bring you system the way it was before you installed it just in case it has a million problems?


I’m sure I’ll have more questions as I start the learn more but what I really want to be able to use it as I’ve seen others use it.


Thanks for any help :)

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1. Yes. Parallels works on a Hackintosh

2. Install Parallels for Mac and install Windows on it. You cannot install OSX on Parallels for Windows.

3. Depending upon the operation, maintain 50-90% speed

4. You install Parallels on Mac. Start Parallels and insert a Windows CD and install to Parallels virtual drive. A virtual drive is a file just like a disk image. Parallels cannot currently install to a real hard drive partition.

5. Yes, windowed and maximized

6. Running through Mac, Windows is slow. You cannot run OSX on Parallels for Windows.

7. Parallels is an app you run in OSX. When you want Windows you start Parallels and then boot Windows in Parallels

8. Install Windows in a Parallels virtual drive. Then copy the virtual drive. When you mess up the original installation, just replace it with a copy of the copy. Remember, the drive is a file like a disk image.

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To clarify on point one, Parallels does indeed work on Hackintoshes, but it does run significantly smoother on a real Intel Mac with a Core Duo/Core 2 Duo CPU thanks to virtualization technology. Most likely the same can be said about Hackintoshes with such CPUs, though.

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