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Black screen during boot from USB

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I followed the All-In-One guide for beginners for setting up Mountain Lion. I followed all the instructions to a "t" and I'm fairly sure my USB drive is set up right. The only problem is that when I select the Mac OS X from Chameleon, I get stuck at the Apple logo.Note that this is when I'm trying to boot the installer for the first time, so I haven't actually installed Mac OS X yet. So I boot in verbose mode, and I see a bunch of text fly by and then suddenly the screen goes black. My PC is still on at this point, just nothing on the screen. I'd like to see the error causing the hang at the Apple logo but I can't because of this. I've also tried the -x, -f flags but they didn't seem to do anything. Does anyone have any ideas? (Also how can I take screenshots of verbose mode?)






GTX 770

120 GB SSD




EDIT: I saw that a mod moved this thread, but unfortunately this is pre-installation! I should have specified.

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