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  1. wrk73

    Vaio users black screen after boot

    DSDT above doesn't work for my FN + F5 and F6 key
  2. wrk73

    Vaio users black screen after boot

    Seem like I have to upgrade my 5400 HDD to SSD for fast boot. The brightness slider is working, but the FN + F5, F6 to decrease and increase brightness aren't working. I try to catch key code by using debug version of VoodooPS2Controller (by rehabman) but it didn't print anything. I though that handle by APCI
  3. wrk73

    Vaio users black screen after boot

    I attach it below, please help me take a look about it. Mac.ioreg.zip
  4. wrk73

    Vaio users black screen after boot

    After using DSDT above, the screen goes black, then it automatic reboot. Is there any config with clover I have to change for DSDT above? Thanks Update: I got it work by select Inject Ndivia in clover HDMI: Work LVDS: Work VGA: My P2715Q doesn't support it, so I have no idea @jl4c: Thank you a lot p/s: any idea why it load very slow after "DMOS has arrived", I remember when I install mavericks, it load very fast.
  5. wrk73

    Vaio users black screen after boot

    Thank you, here are unmodified DSDT extracted by clover and EDID extract from linux EDID: https://www.dropbox.com/s/imu3of9dh3x1zdu/edid.txt?dl=0 P/S: HDMI and VGA are working, only internal LCD get black. MacBook Pro.zip origin.zip
  6. wrk73

    Vaio users black screen after boot

    Could anyone help me fix black screen with internal lvds on sony vaio VPC S135FG. I find out that EID5 is my LVDS but the patch on page 8 give me error. DSDT.aml.zip
  7. Post your boot log too. And you should read description in each driver before you decide to install it
  8. Don't put any kext in SLE, instead of that, put in it clover kext, check the boot log to see if it loaded
  9. wrk73

    flash player not working on el capitan

    Chrome has disable flash by default, You have to manual enable it. Also check your System setting to see if Flash icon appear there
  10. After remove VRAM from xml, i got 256MB ram on my 970 Got following size with some tries: 2560MB with 0xA0000000 3584MB with 0xE0000000 1st number give us 256MB, so max memory we can get: 256x15 (F) = 3840MB 2nd number give us 16MB, so max memory we can get: 16x15 = 240MB 3rd number give us 1MB: so max memory we can get: 1x15 = 15MB With 0xFFF0000 I get 4095MB vram, as it detected by default (without inject the hex to fix loading bar) So if we devide 1MB = 1024KB to 16, we will get 4th number value is 64KB, max we can get is 64 x 15 = 960kb So on, 5th is 4KB each, max we can get is 4x15 = 60kb 6th is 4x1024 = 4096bytes, devide to 16 we have 256 bytes each 6th, max we can get is 256 x 15 = 3840 bytes ~ 4KB. same for 7th and 8th Sum the total from 1 -> 8, i still got 4095MB at 0xFFFFFFFF . Some how the value from 4th are not calculate to total of VRAM, if it does, I should get 4096MB VRAM P/S: I always get lower value than real value from bios/windows on osx, at yosemite, my processor show 3.99ghz only, ram at 2285MHZ, GTX 970 at 4095 VRAM. After upgrade to el capitan, my processor goes back to 4GHZ, other value still same as before. On windows and bios, my Ram running at 2400MHZ, not a big problem because my ram also has xmp profile for 2285MHZ too.
  11. It's still work on 1080p without CustomLogo, so I guess custom logo doesn't effect to apple logo at stage 2. Somehow it cache my login screen resolution. All video above show that I got 1440p or 2160p login screen, but when I changed osx resolution to 1080p (default for display in Settings), then change it back to 1440p or 2160p, it still show me 1080p login screen, after login it scale to large display, which are in osx display setting (1440p or 2160p). This thing didn't happened before. It doesn't work with CSM enabled and PatchVBios at all resolution, the bar fail back to bottom left corner I just realize that my VRAM is 0MB, something happen here, I was get 4GB VRAM before I inject the hex. Problem must come from my injected hex, maybe the value 0x100000000 is incorrect? I will let you know when I make it work native resolution
  12. I uncheck Inject EDID and Patch VBios. From GUI, set resolution to 4k, and checked use custom logo. Here are result by changing resolution in osx: - Default scale (1080p): It's show correct like real mac, I got apple logo and loading bar at center (stage 1 and 2 ) - 1440p, 2160p (4k): It just flash like video above and enter direct to login screen (No stage 2). I do not have any 5k IMac to test how it appear when scale to 1440p or 4k resolution , so I just think that apple do not have stage 2 config for 1440p or above, hope someone who has 5K imac can confirm it for me p/s: Your patch are work for me, with default setting. Thank you a lot for helping me and post a nice tutorial Attached my current clover config, It may help someone else. config.plist.zip
  13. Yea, I'm using 2x Samsum 850 for windows and osx. If I removed injected properties, the bar will drop back to the bottom left corner, with any resolution on osx or clover and the second stage still load (without logo). I will try with custom logo from clover efi
  14. With CSMVideoDrv installed, I get max resolution at 1600x1200 and another lower resolution, but all scale is 4:3. I have try set OS and Clover GUI resolution back to 4k (3480x2160). Seem like stage 2 is lost or it doesn't load anymore. It's usually take around 2 - 3 second at stage 2, now it just flash and load login screen I have take a capture about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrDUhj-7UyI
  15. OSX does know 4k, but the text too small, default it set scale to 1080p, but I change it to 1440p for more space. I do not have any custom logo, thought that will load default apple logo. With CSM enabled + Patch VBios + Inject EDID: I get 800x600 in Clover GUI, but still got first stage boot logo (in 800x600 too) I will, sorry