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Graphics card advise for HP dc7900 CMT


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Hello I have a HP dc7900 CMT running Mavericks. It has three  1Tb drives, 8Gb ram and the stock HP dc7900 CMT motherboard, the on board graphics card is the GMA 4500 which I have working in 1024 x 780 resolution(the only resolution option). I Would like to get a new Graphics card at least 1gb I know of two that are compatible with the hardware  but not sure if these are compatible with the mac OS.






Or if anyone has any better options that would work with the mac os than the two above please let me know.


Thanks in advance!

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thank you very much i will check these out!

would this card be acceptable?


And Do i Have to do anything special to get it working or is it plug N play?

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Thanks, im anticipating its arrival. Its kinda a funny story why I started the conversion to hackontosh. I got into a game called galaxy on fire I came across on steam but it was a partial version for windows. My wife was really sweet and offered me to use her mac mini I bought the game and played for about an hour and she started wiggin out like most women do. So I said screw this and started the conversion. Moral of story woman will do anything they can to find a reason to nag.

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