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Polishing 10.9 Install - ASRock X79 Fatal1ty Pro - i7 4930K


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Hi there,


First of all, I want to say thanks to everyone at insanelymac.com, and RampageDev!

I found a ton of useful information here, and thanks to that, was able to build my very first Hackintosh on X79 platform! (not the easiest but I wanted to do it on my gaming rig )


Just finished 10.9 update before upgrading CPU to IB-E 4930K (was using i7 3820 before), and with the patched kernel, I'm now able to boot into OS X 10.9.

I have everything working fine excepted for 2-3 glitches.


Now, my rig, so you can have an idea:

MB: ASRock X79 Fatal1ty Professional

CPU: i7 4930K

GPU#1: 670GTX

GPU#2: 670GTX


I'm DSDT Free 'cause DSDT provided by RampageDev in his unified DMG doesn't seem to work on my config this time.

Former install, with 2.2 BIOS and i7 3820, it was OK, the DSDT allowed my system to boot up, and to use KEXT provided by RampageDev inside his DMG.


So I had to change some KEXT in order to get Network and Audio back.

For the Network, I used the modified binary AppleBCM5701Ethernet for Mavericks that has to be put inside AppleBCM5701Ethernet.kext, and edited Info.plist to add device "16b1".

For the Sound, I used HDAEnabler1.kext alongside modified AppleHDA.kext for Realtek ALC898.


Now, the things I would like to correct, in order to have a fully functional and usable OS :)


1. Sometimes, boot stops right after having loaded GPUSensors.KEXT... and then nothing happens... Is that because of the outdated sensors KEXT's inside FakeSMC?

I'm not quite sure because those KEXT are almost the last ones to be loaded, and, when the system boots up, even if HardwareMonitor reports wrong temperatures, GPU Sensors seem to work OK...


2. I'm having the iMessage "Call Apple Support" error message AGAIN (!!!!!)

Any thoughts about that? :(


3. I can't boot when I install a generated SSDT into /Extra folder.

I assume SSDT is correct since I'm using SSDTPRgen.command script that I already used to generate a i5-4770 SSDT which is fully functional...

I have tried this when I was still using the i7 3820, didn't retry with i7 4930K though...

Do I really have to disable SpeedStep in BIOS in order to achieve proper CPUPowerManagement under OS X? That would be quite annoying since I'm also using this rig as my Windows gaming rig...


4. I can't get properly read temperatures with Hardware Monitor... Does someone know if there exist new sensor KEXT's?


PS: I can properly boot into my former 10.8.5 installation that I kept on my backup SSD if it can be useful to enable iMessage (working on 10.8.5, but I didn't log out from service... too scared I cannot log back in :whistle:  )



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Oh and yeah, I almost forgot these ones:


5. I just installed the chime, so my Hackintosh plays the original Mac Chime just before login screen almost like a real Mac, BUT it doesn't play on the sound card I would like it to play on :(

I currently have 3 sound card (2 USB and the Mobo built-in one), and I wand to play the chime sound on the Mobo built-in.

Is there a way to specify the sound device to play the Chime on? (I saw it is a daemon which is launched right after KEXT finish loading)


6. I want to speed my boot time up, by using Kernel Cache, but when I do so, I always get into KP.

I saw there is a way to create a mkext file, so that it can be used at boot to save time, and it uses your actual KEXT so you won't run into KP when booting.

From what I read, I have to execute this command in the Terminal: 


sudo kextcache -v 1 -a i386 -a x86_64 -m /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/Extensions.mkext /System/Library/Extensions
But this command line was originally for Lion, which was 32/64 bits, so with ML & Mavericks which are 64bits only, should I remove the "-a i386" from the command line?


Thanks! :)

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