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Unable to boot iatkos l2 and ml2 on Lenovo G500 with i3 3110m and intel hd4000


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I am having problem with initial boot of iatkos l2 and iatkos ml2.

I have burned both disks using TransMac inside windows 7

My computer configuration is 


Intel i3 3110m 2.4GHz

Intel HD4000


Ram 2Gb 1600mhz

InsydeH2O bios with latest update 


I have enabled AHCI and Legacy boot 


iatkos l2 freezes screen after start and do not boot

and iatkos ml2 gives me error of Ebios read error error 0x01


i tried different boot flags but no use :(

Please help.

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To install in this mobo isn't necessary modded Bios.

To many Insyde mobos is necessary patch kernel lapic

And EBios error is an DVD or HDD problem

Other thing: You need make a hack with retail installation, make a hack with distro is waste of time

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You're welcome

But modded Bios is very dangerous, it alters the internal tables of the Bios. I would rather go without internal wifi than see my CPU "burn"...

If the problem is only wifi, i recommend you buy a wifi usb compatible and leaves intact the Bios.

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