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USB microphones don't display in sound pref


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There were two kexts that I've replaced called IOUSBFamily.kext and IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext that ruined for some reason the detection of the mic and the cam audio, reverted to Mavericks drivers and everything works great. Using modified AppleHDA.kext and also HDAEnabler.kext for perfect ALC883 audio. :thumbsup_anim: 


Hey, I've been using Mac for years and two days ago I've decided to install Mavericks, the installation didn't go smoothly but in the end I've succeed to get almost everything working beside the microphones. For years I've been using VoodooHDA and it worked alright though it made a lot of background noises so I decided to make a change and Install a different kext so I've installed AppleHDA and HDAEnabler coded for Lion ALC883 and they work great on Mavericks but they do not show my Blue Yeti microphone and my cam microphone and both of them show up in System Information. I've installed many more kexts that were coded for my board (P5KR) ,is one of those kext might be the reason they are not visible?


I've attached a photo of System Information and of all of the kext I've installed.




Intel Quad Core



Geforce 275GTX


I've also installed (AHCI_3rdParty_eSata.kext)


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Have you used them successfully before? Applehda should have nothing to do with them, usually USB audio devices are either recognized ootb by another kext or require a driver/kext made by the manufacturer. My USB audio interface doesn't require a patched applehda or anything, only it's own drivers.

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