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Question about P5K-VM and Mavericks


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Hi everyone,


I have installed Mavericks GM on the 2nd Asus P5K-VM based PC. All worked good, for the sound I used VoodooHDA, idk why the patched AppleHDA for ALC883 didn't want to work, never mind, not this is my question. It worked good about 3 days, until this morning when it freezes at boot, grey screen with apple and the spin wheel freezes with no HDD activity. I tried many times and the same results, no KP, just freeze at boot. I verified if I had SATA drives switched on AHCI and they were. I booted in single user mode, and nothing appear to work bad, only the AppleHDA which is not loaded (as I said, I have Voodoo now).

I suspect a motherboard malfunction, please see the attached picture and confirm or better infirm my supposition.

Thank you.




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