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Good afternoon, everyone.


Thank you all in advance for taking the time to brainstorm on this inquiry with me.


I understand how to dual boot Windows 8 with OS X Mountain Lion on my MacBook Pro via Boot Camp 5 (couldn't have been easier).


After reading through the threads here and some extensive searches online, I haven't found a clear answer on the following scenario.


My question is, can Parallels 9 or VMware Fusion 6 boot the same Windows 8 installation from the partition created by Boot Camp 5?


In other words, I am looking for the ability to both have the option of natively booting Windows 8 upon start-up, as well as having the choice of running the same Windows 8 installation side-by-side when using Mountain Lion via Parallels/VMware Fusion.


Is this feasible?


Again, thank you all very much for your knowledge and assistance.

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VMWare fusion 5 can definitely do this so I'd assume 6 can as well.


It can even do this on my Hackintosh and it sees the Windows install as "Boot Camp".


Works fine on my macbook as well.


I've never used parallels so not sure about that one.


Note, however, this can cause activation problems (assuming you've paid for a key). I think the recommended fix is to activate running native & activate in the VM and then you're fine (windows keys can be activated 3 times). Personally I've never come across this problem I've just read about it.

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rockinron-1 - Thank you very much for your quick reply. Is it safe for me to assume that when you natively boot Windows 8 and install a program, that program is also available when you run Windows 8 in the VM in Mountain Lion -- and vice versa? Same question for the Windows 8 desktop configuration (folders, shortcuts, etc)?

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Absolutely identical.


Install using bootcamp then virtualise using vmware.


It doesn't matter weather you're booting virtual or native - it's the same files / OS getting loaded. Any files that have been changed / programs installed is irrelevant - weather it's native or virtual you're changing the same files.


The only differences you'll notice is that when you switch from virtual to native, windows 8 will take longer to load (since it can't pull the kernel out of its hybrid state due to the hardware change so effectively does a full restart when you change hardware).

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