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Mountain Lion + AD1988


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Hy there,


After a lot of search, install, remove reinstall, etc i finally managed to install voodooHDA, however i can't make it work... no sound device.


I have an asus p5b-plus vista edition and installed voodoohda 2.8.4 via #####!

Before i reboot i change Info.plist by adding IOPCIPrimaryMatch with my device and vendor ID.


The getDump scrip return this

error: IORegistryEntryGetPath returned 0x10000003


sudo kextutil -n /System/Library/Extensions/VoodooHDA.kext
No kernel file specified, using '/mach_kernel' 
/System/Library/Extensions/VoodooHDA.kext appears to be loadable (including linkage for on-disk libraries).

And dmesg is attached...




Anyone can help?

Thanks in advance

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