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Auto sleep on Mavericks - Solution -


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In Mountain Lion and other older OS X versions I used PleaseSleep to get autosleep working on my Hack (Z68UD3HB3). After upgrading to 10.9 GM I found out that my trusted tool does not support this version, so my sleep was broken. I know DragonOne is working on an update, but it's not there yet. I feel sleep is crucial for me, so I started my 'project' to fix this.


Some trial and error showed that pmset sleepnow did put my hack to sleep with no errors, so this was the basis for my new sleep utility. I found the AppleScript Narcolepsy online and modified it so it would run pmset sleepnow after the machine has been idle for the time set in Engery Settings. It's a very simple script with no user interface that you can add to the user logon items so it starts when you log in. 


Simple as it may be, it does the job with no problems or errors and it saves me the burden of keeping my Hack running all the time or waiting for it to boot when I need to use it. So, if you have trouble getting your Hack to auto-sleep, feel free to give it a try. 


The script is originally written by Kynan Shook and Torben Scheiter and made public domain, so it's free to use if no profit is made from it. That's why I want to give it back to the community. I'm planning on learning X Code and make it into a 'real' App, but I'm not there yet.


Please let me know if it helps you !




Edit: PleaseSleep is now compatible with Mavericks also, so take your pick ! (I would suggest PleaseSleep).... http://www.dragonone.com/products/macosx/pleasesleep/

Narcolepsy 2.0.app.zip

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