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HP dv7-7399el 10.8


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Hi guys I am italian so sorry for my english. I have an HP dv7 7399el with this specifics:


Intel Core i7-3630QM 2.4GHz - 3.4GHz (Macbook Pro Retina have i7-3635QM 2.4GHz which is the same i think red Intel website)

Chipset HM77 ( same of MBPR )

Ram 16GB 1600MHz 2x8GB ( same of MBPR )

Intel HD 4000 ( same of MBPR )

nVidia GT635M 2GB  ( MBPR have GT650, I think it is possible to work )

Wifi and bluetooth Ralink RT3290 b\g\n ( I don't know )

Sound Monster Beats 4.1

Webcam HP TrueVision HD

Touchpad Synaptics multitouch

HDD 1TB Hitachi ( that i'll replace with ssd 120GB or 250GB)


I have a UEFI Bios. I try iAtkos ML2 and it boot so fast with cpus=1 flag but in disk utility there isn't the hard disk! The UEFI is set to secure boot disabled and legacy boot enabled.

I try ML3U ( for pc that have uefi system ) but after I select the USB drive with the installer I see one black screen and nothing else, of course i can't write any flag.

I think also to modifly Vanilla Installer but at the moment I haven't any idea on how I can do.

:wallbash:  :wallbash:  :wallbash:  :wallbash:  :wallbash:


At the moment i have HP Windows 8 64bit


Can anyone HELP ME????

Thanks in advance! 

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hi mr frathebest!


i do not wish to come across as a TROLL but the fact that you use iAtkos makes you a newbie.   the use of distros like iAtkos is discouraged because you can not tell exactly how the installation of OS X on your machine was done.     but if you insist to use iAtkos then i suggest that you go to their forum and ask for their help.   however, if you are really serious in installing OS X, then check the notebook installation guide here or the vanilla installation here.


best of luck mr frathebest!

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YEEESSS I replace the kext AppleAHCI in S/L/E in USB and it work whitout any problem. Now there are a lot of new matter! Without any kext exception for NullCPUPowerManagement and FakeSMC the system work. I continue the guide but:

Chameleon don't work ( boot0 error) I try to install other bootloader but nothing so i must boot with the usb;

Intel HD 4000 don't work. IT's strange!

GT635M don't work. I try with graphicsEnabler yes and no, nvbios, patch and others but no solution!

I deleted the NullCPUPowerManagement and raplace it with a patched AppleIntelCPU but the processor in my opinion work bad! I alway listen the fun and the PC is hot!

I tried SMBios of MBPR 10 and the MBP 9.2 but nothing change.

The Ram and the speed and name of the Cpu is correct, only cache L3 is 768kb !? not 6MB

the USB work but i can see only HFS+ disks and I don't know why. The exFat don't work too.

The trackpad work with a PS2 kext but i think it isn't OK and work only the "click" by bouton not by touchpad and also the multitouch

The wifi and blutooth NO

The Audio i try voodoo with no results and patched Apple HD Audio kext but nothing.

dsdt editor and system info say an error like java se 6 i think i must download with apple software update but is impossible.

Mac don't see the battery!


I forgot:  I can boot only in -x mode, without this flag... the system don't start


I deleted all the nvidia kext and now system boot witouth any flag!

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