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sempron 2500+


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Just purchased off www.newegg.com the following.


(+) sempron 2500+ 1.4ghz 64bit processor. 256k l2 cache see see2 see3 instruction sets. 60$

(+) socket 754 chaintech nforce3 mobo.. deceint the HTT can do 320+ and the voltmod for the vdimm is pretty easy.


the nice part is with a deceint mobo you can push this to 2.2ghz plus. not shabby for a 60$ chip.

this is on stock cooling.. with water and extra voltage ill see what i can do. :)



so this will be the system when the parts arive:

2500+ sempy 64bit

chaintech nforce3 mobo (going to voltmod to get 3.3V+ for the vdimm[ram])

2x512 stix of twinmos winbond UTT ram. (requires 3.3v+ to run at high bus + tight timings)

1 80gb IDE HD.

dvd player drive.

9700pro vid card.

multiple sound cards (ive got a bunch, i hope one works)

custom water cooling


all this is to replace my sktA barton OC'd on water to 2.5ghz


if you guys are interested in learning how to OC( if you dont know already, or need to brush up B)) go to www.extremeoverclocking.com .

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oh yeah.. im still waiting on parts, but i already setup Osx install on the HD.. its already to go I just cant get passed the loading of OSX because its an sse processor.. (hence the new purchase)


yeah ultimately i wanna see what we can do with osx on x86.. if this really be comes viable by the time the new intel/macs come out, Ill be building my GFs new mac.

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