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  1. Applications randomly hanging...

    i have similar issues.. same install, everything works fine till i install video.. then, it all goes to hell. I get freezes where the mouse still moves, yet i cannot do anything. ive tried every different way to get video working on my x1900xt. nothing works. perhaps we're not booting with the right commands? like in the bootplist thing/ darwin bootloader? e6400 C2D gigabtye ds3 2x1gb ddr2 1 sata drive x1900xt
  2. God, why do people believe in the idea?

    without religion we can have a purpose and meaning. I know that when i die, i will blow out like a candle and cease to exist. however, there are the deeds ive done, and the few drops that Ive added to the ocean of human knowledge. those will live on for me, forever. I hope that someday in the future, we can all set aside differences, religions, faiths, and gods, to work towards one thing: progress. we can do anything we put our minds to, but as long as we keep worrying about an afterlife, we'll never work towards a common goal. its not where i came from, or how i got here thats important; its what can I accomplish while Im here, and who can I help... think like that and you wont need a god, an afterlife, or a religion.
  3. Non Stable setup for 10.4.7

    i have a similar problem and cant figure it out for the life of me. ill let you know if i figure anything out, please keep me in mind and do the same -jamie
  4. freezing, however, mouse still moves.

    I found a crash log in ~library/logs/crash reporter I was playing WOW when it happened, but as of late, it happens anytime not just while im gaming. any reconmendations? thank you
  5. is there anyway i can see a log of my freezing? it happens sometimes when Im using bittorrent or wow. i have to restart comp when it happens HW c2d e6400 gigabyte p945 ds3 2x 1g super tallent ram sata2 drive x1900xt i had it overclocked but i stopped OCing to make sure it wasnt a problem. osx 10.4.6 upgraded to 10.4.8 using borisbadenov_3.2.pkg (natit, crashes on me.. i dunno lol)
  6. Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Thread

    theres a CMOS jumper on the DS3 mobo, about an inch away from the battery itself. theres an arrow pointing to a lightswitch in my computer case. ( ran out of toggle switches) hehe i use that with one of those HD LED case leads. a switch on a cmos jumper makes it easier to reset for any overclocker. saves you a lot fumbling around with batteries or jumpers <3
  7. Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Thread

    Ive got the IDE to SATA converter.. the red one pictured earlier in the thread. my problem is my main DVD drive doesnt get recognized at all as a sata drive, and my backup (which was pulled from g4 powermac) only works as a cd rom as a sata for some reason... no dvds will read in it. so rather than waste any money buying a dvd Drive that wont work, who evers got it working under the ide-sata converter, could you just post what drive you have? thanks
  8. Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Thread

    hey guys, Ive tried 2 different DVD drives and I cant get either to work.. umm was wondering if anyone could give me their exact model OR link me to exactly where they bought it (like newegg) thanks guys. -jamie
  9. Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Thread

    DS3 boots ram at 1.8v default, if your ram requires 2.2v to be stable... there lies the problem. you may have to find a {censored} stick of ddr2 to boot the ds3 up, change ram voltage to 2.2v or higher, then install your good DDR2. its actually a quite common problem with ds3..
  10. Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Thread

    great work guys! Im a pc overclocker and my roommate's a graphic artist... I was looking to get back into osx installation after building my new conroe.. anyone xbench after OCing past 3ghz? im currious how these systems stack up to the new powermacs and old G5s. Im going ds3, cant wait to get this going again. currently, im on a sempron64-2500+ @ 2.4ghz..
  11. Intel Core 2 Duo

    ive been currious of this myself, but from an overclocking standpoint. Im building a budget performance system that Im hoping will have decient compatability with OSx86. Im about a week away from purchasing the following: E6400 core duo (x8 multi) Gigabyte DS3 (the FSB can OC past 400-450 in most cases) patriot 2 x 1gb (niiiice overclocker) ive got both IDE and SATA drives avalable to me. as far as graphics, Im thinking of going 7600gt, and when i find one cheap enough: a x1600 with QE, CI, and DVI port support. Im hoping to hit 450fsb x 8cpu multi for a speed of roughly 3.6ghz... the lack of cache on thie allendale processor accounts for at most 5-10% performance difference, if that. so dont discount it as a viable solution to buying a E6800 lol.. ill save my money and stomp on it with some good performance increases.
  12. [HowTo] Building my first OSx86 box...

    thanks bofors! now i wonder, how does your system compare to that core duo performance wise? id like to swing a pentium D presler 4ghz+ at those benches also thanks for the info on the Mobos. Im gonna check them with my intel friends and get back to you laters! moody in NYC, Jamie
  13. [HowTo] Building my first OSx86 box...

    thanks for the continual updates bofors. I asked earlier in this thread about OC options and you said you werent much interested in this sort of thing. well, it would defenately provide you with a performance increase. these chips be it my understanding can break 4ghz without issue. I dont think anyone here is made of money. atleast I know Im not. so even from a practical stand point. a 920 2.8ghz @ 3.4ghz is 400$ cheaper than the 950 3.4ghz stock. and the 920 will benifit from increased FSB.. so between the 2 systems 1 with OC'd 920 and one with stock 950.. the 920 will win. infact, send me the 400 dollars and Ill send you back some custom watercooling hehe the problem will be finding a chipset that osx likes and onboard gfx while still getting a board that doesnt suck for OCing. oh and thanks for the reply about Photoshop. if you get a chance to test it out let us know (im sure a good portion of people here are gfx ppl.. or know someone that is..) thanks again bofors! gluck with everything! -jamie
  14. [HowTo] Building my first OSx86 box...

    bofors are you a photoshop user? Im just currious, but how will this handle on photoshop(rosetta)? since your on an intel built mobo, you cant OC via the FSB correct? everything is locked yes? is there another mobo that is similar but made by say msi? asus? gigabyte? something that will give us some OCing? if you could push that presler to 4ghz it would do alot better. what about your ram timings? any ability to change those on this board? thanks for your time -Jamie