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Dont unterstand issue on boot


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Hello Insanely´s , 


i have installed Vanilla Mountain Lion on my Sabertooth 55i , but  i have make the mistake to format the macHD with case sensetive option, so i can not install Photoshop.


I have now tried to install with my same boot stick and its now stuck on boot. (devfs_kernel_mount:) Sometimes stuck at  devfs_kernel_mount: fa , faile, failed.


I have tried to build the USB Stick again and reset my BIOS Settings, nothing helps. I can still boot to my fresh installed Hackintosh but not boot usb mac installation stick.


I dont understand this, what kind of issue is that? How can I fix it? Ideas?


I have tried also : cpus=1 , PciRoot=0 , -f -v , graphicsEnabler

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