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Upgrade from Lion?

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Hi   :)


I have been using Lion in Hackintosh for long.. as Mavericks GM is out, can I just upgrade it .... I do not want to do a clean installation and do migration.

most instructions are for clean installation only.


is this process right?

- create an USB bootable disk with Chamelion 2.2svn r2262

- boot and install over the Lion partition.



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Hi   :)


please (re)read the forum posting guidelines


*If you have a question please do your best to use the search feature and search the forum before creating a new topic.


*Please remember that you are in a public forum, a bit of courtesy is always welcome. It's always nice to start by saying "Hi" or "Hello" before asking a question or seeking help.


*Give your hardware specs when necessary (asking for support) and any other time where it may be beneficial to have them listed.




I don't know what's your motherboard but the method should be the same





good luck    ;)




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