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RAiD 0 - Maybe Damaged - Try to restore


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i have made a Raid 0 2 years ago on my hackintosh, cause im using 3x500GB , the Data was to much to Backup it. So i have used sucefully MacDrive Pro 9 on Windows 7 , today i have installed a new Motherboard and run Check and Repair the Mac Raid over Mediafour Macdrive Pro, now i am not able to see inside of the Hardisk. I have tried over VM Workstation with a Mountain Lion, the Mac OS found the right RAID Configuration (nothing RED) but its not mounted and are not able to mount. I gives no Error Promt and if i click in Disk Utility on "RAID" its freeze. I have tryed all things i have found in Internet. The Data are very Importand for me and I want to Restore it.


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I try to Boot from USB Stick (OSX) and try it w/o VM to repair over Disk Utility the Mac Raid Drive.


Have someone any Idea, can somone give me Tips?


If i try pdisk /dev/disk3 (disk3 : Thats the one Mac Raid) , the Terminal are freeze again (in VM).


Sorry for my Bad English

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