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AHCI problems; can't see HDD during install, force Install?

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I tried installing ML on my PC, I got right up to the install option, although I couldn't complete the install because it couldn't see my HDD, I think the problem came down to AHCI, because I cant seem to enable it in my BIOS or AHCI isn't supported??; is it possible to bypass this and force install?


My PC:

CPU: Intel 9550 2.83GHz

Graphics Card: ATI 5770 or GeForce GTX 560 (can swap out if need be for compatibility)

M/B: Nvidia 750i

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You do have to check your BIOS settings to make sure you're able to boot in xHCI mode.  Then make sure you have a proper version of your ML installer because such files within the installer itself may not see your hard disks.  Your specs seem to be fine, but your hard disk, your BIOS settings, and your installer condition is the main word.  I know this because I had several versions of an ML installer that didn't see my hard disk even in xHCI mode.  Keep trying.

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