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    Satellite C875 (updated 9/20)

    Alright, guys, not to bump intentionally. But at this point, I am ready to take on Mavericks. Therefore, I have to ditch this thread before it ditches me and I will once again create one seperate thread to ensure things stay organized. The reason is that you want to make sure Apple, Inc. is not throwing you a curve ball when it comes to testing your hardware when it comes to migrating from one version to another. Moderator, please keep this topic open in case if anyone else need any assistance in the far or near future. Thanks to everyone!
  2. level70steve

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    I do like that modded menu bar! The thing is that it doesn't want to change when I customize it. Where do I have to go to customize?! For now, I got mine below after I just added an extra 4GB of DDR3 last night and maxing out my laptop's memory.
  3. level70steve

    MacOS X vs Linux

    My input is simply how I was educated growing up. No computer was running any Linux distro or other Unix operating system when I was still attending middle school and high school. It was a fierce competition between Windows 95/98 and Mac OS 7/9/X. The main thing though was that I was not afraid to learn from both. I did run Kubuntu one time but it seemed a little complicated to me since I never knew where to go to get drivers.
  4. level70steve

    MacDrive in Windows 8.x: how to

    It's version 9. I never bothered using 8.x
  5. level70steve

    Audio editing applications

    If you have a working audio management app for Mac, let us know! The first thing you need to do is investigate your hardware and make sure you have sound running. For more information, post in the appropriate board regarding your version of OS X under the post-installation category. Sound Forge Pro version 1.0 does work nicely on a Hackintosh so far! It's got most of the essentials with an iTunes feeling, I thought. Home page with link to limited trial download: http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/soundforgepromac
  6. Most installers are supposed to include an S/L/E, even if it's on a USB. If you have Windows on the side, you can browse your installer using MacDrive or Transmac.
  7. level70steve

    OS X 10.9 myHack USB Installer Beta

    If you are trying to dual-boot which it seems you are, I thought it would be best to do the opposite. If you installed Windows 8 on that drive first, did you at least make sure your Mavericks partition was formatted as Fat32 yet? If you want larger Fat32 partitions, you will need to obtain Fat32Formatter for Windows and use it. Once you reformatted that partition and rebooted your installer, it should pop up in Disk Utility. The reason you would want to format your Mavericks partition first is because you would ensure it is prepared to become a valid prior to installer reboot. Otherwise, either something got in the way of your installer kexts where your drive never came up, or you might have a bad version of your installer and may need to rebuild it. My attempt to set up dual-boot was as simple as installing Mac first (not installing any bootloaders here), Windows second, and installing Chameleon for Windows so that Windows can use Avlgo to run Chameleon and no boot data between both of my partitions become invalid or corrupted. I haven't tried Avlgo for Clover yet.
  8. There were some Voodoo PS/2 kexts I found for my laptop's keyboard and trackpad. All I had to do was copy those kexts into place! Sometimes post-installation, I have to plug in a USB mouse and USB keyboard so I can take this kind of action. Runs like a champ! The Command key is usually between Windows/Left-Alt.
  9. level70steve

    MacDrive in Windows 8.x: how to

    Installed MacDrive as a 15-day trial version. Trial version expires. Registered a new Windows user with administrative settings. New user starts a 15-day trial while my main one still expires. I never tried Paragon, is it as good as TransMac?
  10. level70steve

    Flash player problems?!

    Hey, Getting Flash Player to run on a Hackintosh doesn't seem to be as simple as I thought. Post-installation, I can't get YouTube videos to load properly on the website. There has been times where it would open as an embedded player if I was a different site, but that's not the case here. What else do I have to do in order to straighten up FP?
  11. level70steve

    OS X 10.9 myHack USB Installer Beta

    So all I need is just a simple copy of Mavericks on my end? Once I get that, do I have to come back here and follow the guide or what?! I need to know this word for word.
  12. You do have to check your BIOS settings to make sure you're able to boot in xHCI mode. Then make sure you have a proper version of your ML installer because such files within the installer itself may not see your hard disks. Your specs seem to be fine, but your hard disk, your BIOS settings, and your installer condition is the main word. I know this because I had several versions of an ML installer that didn't see my hard disk even in xHCI mode. Keep trying.
  13. level70steve

    Satellite C875 (updated 9/20)

    See, that's the thing, though. I never edited any DSDT's the whole time. I just went straight to the osX86 website just for one of those 5 HDA files, downloaded it, installed it, rebooted, now rocking out to classic rock and 80's pop! Now I did try all that I could to get Intel HD Graphics 4000 to run right, but I have gotten kernel panics, don't know what to edit, and I hate to compromise DSMOS which some claim has affected this component. Let me know if you managed to strengthen the graphics. One more thing, you mentioned that you did a simple internal wi-fi card replacement. If you can please give me the brand name and model of your replacement, I would applaud your input and I can start shopping! I might put my current internal wi-fi aside and not use that again until it becomes a need for backup.
  14. Okay, I have searched several websites and affiliates, and still can't find any kexts to run this adapter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is all I know so far: http://wikidevi.com/wiki/Netgear_WNDA3100v2
  15. I guess that clearly explains it. I still have not found or known anyone that created enough kexts to support a wide range of most Broadcom/Netgear wi-fi adapters. I tried many for a Netgear WNDA3100v2 and still can't figure out what kext would be best for that. Until I get pointed in the right direction, I use my old Belkin F7D1101v1 for the time being.