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Anyone ever see this?


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As you can see, the mouse cursor is there. But the rest of the GUI is trashed. THis has only happened on my Shuttle SN95G5. I've installed OSX at least 2 dozen times trying different customizations in the install. Searches on the forum haven't found anything similar.


I can take this harddrive and switch it out with my other PC and it will boot into OSX fine. When I switch the harddrive back to the Shuttle, it boots like this.


I thought it might be the video card, but I had OSX running on this very same card on my 3rd PC (iDeq 200T, intel chipset). Then I thought it might be the nForce chipset, but there are forum posts of working SN95G5 systems. I have also tried installing previous versions like JaS 10.4.6 which resulted in a black screen and just the cursor viewable.


Any thoughts?


Shuttle specs:

SN95g5 v2 (nvidia nf3 chipset)

AMD 64 3000+

ATI 9800 AIW pro

1 gig corsair VS RAM

JaS 10.4.7 repack

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i saw that in the early days of the borisbadenov solution with my X1800. bad opengl.framework or other framework is most likely the cause.


as for the solution... try to get the frameworks from a different version (10.4.4 or 5) and install them (somehow)...

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Guest goodtime

I've seen it many times testing drivers to get 2D Acceleration with Quicktime work and attempting to get OpenGL and QE to work.


It can sometimes be a bugger to fix. I keep my Monitor Resolutions in my menubar just in case something like this happens. Sometimes, I can find the menu and get a resolution to come back that is not scrambled.


You can also try rebooting using Safe mode (kernel option -x) and fix it. All else fails logging single user mode (kernel option -s) and start removing ATI* drivers, replacing frameworks and removing .plist display preferences via the command line.


If nothing else works, erase and reinstall. Try try again.



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