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myHack bootable drive can not be unmounted


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I'm trying to make a hackintosh using myHack 3.2 and OSX 10.8.5 install package (also tried with 10.6.4 retail).


After the process completes and myHack quits I can not unmount USB drive. Always getting the error "a process may be using..."


I believe this causes an unfinished hack. Because eventhough I was able to get to the OSX install screen after trying many hardware changes and deleting ATI*.kext files, only to see OSX install blocks me with "OSX can not be installed on this machine."


With other tools I wasn't even able to got to the install screen because of ebios read error all the time.


The hardware config is as follows :


MSI p35 platinum

one piece of 2gb ram in slot 0

one 60gb ssd

ati 5770 1gb

e6600 intel cpu

sound devices, ethernet devices are all turned off from bios. Also AHCI setup done, external raid controller disabled. HPET set to on. And all other recommended tweaks done which was recommended on the forum. That makes me believe the USB installer finishes incomplete. 


The only thing that comes to my mind is I have disabled my Mac mini virtual memory as I got 8 gb ram on board already. Otherwise it is a standart macmini upgraded with an ssd. Also I never ever got an error with my Mac mini before with unmounting or otherwise. Only problem I have is with my hack. 


Can anybody give any advice about creating a usb installer disk that could help me bypass this error.


Thank you.






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