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  1. Just try connecting 2 dvi monitors to both outputs in your card someone wrote about ati needed to get edid information on both ports to run. Or you should try kext from i cant remember name but smthng similar to nebraska. Also in truth i already had an ati5770 and tried to make it work but got blackscreen and giving up i tried my old old old 8600gs which ended in success. Also note that opencl implementation is incomplete and inefficient in 10.6. You should try installing at least osx v 10.7
  2. As a side question, can an owner of retail 1.6.3 RDVD that had also bought L and later ML can select a version to download from app store? Basically, can he be able to get a specific version to DL?
  3. Did you try using other port also? Some ATI's seem to need two DVI devices connected at the sametime as I remember from older posts. Especially XFX and ASUS 5770 had this problem. May be it also applies to yours?
  4. I have found many posts to make it work. Some talk about dstt some about kext, some both. Even seen a topic resolved by installing alc882 kext. But most these topics are not linking the files used at their setup or did not work for me (most likely their osx version differed from mine). I couldn't understand or could find detailed step by step guide to create a dstt (as I remember its name may differ) also. I'm on 1.6.4 and having freezes in videos while playing flash videos (latest flash) which I connected to not having an audio device. My audio is on board on an MSI Platinum P35. Can anybody help me who had been successful at installing this device? Thank you.
  5. If you dont want to spend one week of your life with setting up, listen to these warnings. ModPC is very good for 10.6.4 retail dvd. Remove excess memory from your pc before install. Only use one stick located at the lowest slot 0 (try changing slots). That should pass it. Your Cd rom must be in first SATA slot and HDD in second. Do not use 3rd and 4th or other slots. That should pass preinstall panic. Do not use ATI 5770 (Detected as X3000 and goes to panic). Don't forget to disable any excess devices before install from bios. Remove everything from USB ports except keyboard and mouse (also if using usb install leave it there). That was the key to my partial success. If only I could find a way to activate my ALC888 HD and activate trim that would be a full success. Trying many things and kext files I couldn't able to activate them.
  6. I'm trying to make a hackintosh using myHack 3.2 and OSX 10.8.5 install package (also tried with 10.6.4 retail). After the process completes and myHack quits I can not unmount USB drive. Always getting the error "a process may be using..." I believe this causes an unfinished hack. Because eventhough I was able to get to the OSX install screen after trying many hardware changes and deleting ATI*.kext files, only to see OSX install blocks me with "OSX can not be installed on this machine." With other tools I wasn't even able to got to the install screen because of ebios read error all the time. The hardware config is as follows : MSI p35 platinum one piece of 2gb ram in slot 0 one 60gb ssd ati 5770 1gb e6600 intel cpu sound devices, ethernet devices are all turned off from bios. Also AHCI setup done, external raid controller disabled. HPET set to on. And all other recommended tweaks done which was recommended on the forum. That makes me believe the USB installer finishes incomplete. The only thing that comes to my mind is I have disabled my Mac mini virtual memory as I got 8 gb ram on board already. Otherwise it is a standart macmini upgraded with an ssd. Also I never ever got an error with my Mac mini before with unmounting or otherwise. Only problem I have is with my hack. Can anybody give any advice about creating a usb installer disk that could help me bypass this error. Thank you.