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Help on Vram showing wrong size

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@gringo installed the driver and cuda-z says "CUDA not found"




I followed the guide and i have this edited my org.chameleon.Boot.plist


i edited this part 


<key> GraphicsEnabler </ key>


<string> YES</ string>
i change it to

<key> GraphicsEnabler </ key>

<string>NO</ string>
and put this part
<string> (i paste the the device-properties-new.hex here)</string>
my device-properties-new.hex file i put it in the /Extra folder. I dont know if its the right thing to do.
after the restart. the screen stays at black.. do you think i just need my GraphicEnabler to stay at YES instead of NO?
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As it is, the nvidia web driver only installs on Mac Pros (or Hacks using a MacPro model identifier) because those are the only Macs that let you upgrade the video card. But there are ways around that.

Follow the link I posted - notice how it says, in plain English: "Here's how to install the nvidia web driver". That's why I posted it.


The CUDA driver doesn't do anything for you, unless you use software that perform calculations on your GPU through CUDA. Like certain video or image processing plugins.

IIt is not required and not needed on most systems, but people like to install it anyway because its nice to have more stuff working on your hack. Personally I think most people install it because they see other people installing it, without knowing what it is or what it does.


If you aren't actually using CUDA, installing it is as useful as installing PhysX on an office PC.


I only suggested installing the CUDA driver because I knew CUDA-Z would correctly show how much video RAM you have, it can't do that without CUDA drivers installed.

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