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Highpoint RAID Card Diver?

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I picked up a HighPoint 2680 as it listed that it had OS X support - turns out that driver support ended with 10.5 - I'm assuming there's no way I can get this card to work in may hack is there? It uses a Marvell 88SE6485 chipset.


If that doesn't work, I know the 2721 card will work, but it's a bit more pricy than the 2720 (the PC version) which I would prefer to use. Am I stuck with the 2721 as that's the only card with OS X driver support, or is there a way to change the 2721 driver to work with the 2720?

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Those cards couldn't suck any harder if they tried — the driver bundle involves a web service you have to use to configure the hardware RAID features of the card itself. Return it, sell it, set it on fire and get a Caldigit FASTA 6GU3 which works out of the box with OS X without any third party shenanigans.

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2720 works OOB as I have this card. 


Also High Point has drivers on there site for you card in question that work under 10.8. I did not test them in 10.9.

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