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Dual 1366 - calling all Tyan or Supermicro builds!


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Hey guys, I've been running my SR-2 machine for a year now but the damn thing has never really been reliable.


Was wondering if it's worth taking all the other components over to a Tyan or Supermicro board.


What are your experiences with these things and what is/isn't working compared to the SR-2?


I have a firewire audio interface via 1394 PCIe card and ethernet through PCIe card already so that stuff doesn't bother me.


What I would like is a machine that works with all power management (turbo, speedstep) and sleep and boots up every time without fail. Must run latest Mountain Lion versions. Looking to use my existing GTX 570 and possibly upgrade to 580/780 or Titan in the future. I have 48GB of g.skill unbuffered memory. Areca RAID card also.


Thanks for any help!

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