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  1. Fantastic, good work guys!!!
  2. YOU GOT MY VOTE for mod of the year Two major boxes checked - a very clean, well thought out build - AND killer performance! Good luck PunkNugget!
  3. DJenkins

    Ivy Bridge-E and 10.9 questions

    **Annoying nudge at RampageDev
  4. Hi guys I'm about to start my second build and just wanted to wrap up a few questions I have floating around in my head. A few of these are aimed at RampageDev but I thought I'd post up here so others could get use from the responses. Build is as follows: X79 Asus Rampage IV Formula i7 4930K Corsair H80i Cooler 32GB G.Skill Ripjaws Z (4 x 8GB) EVGA GTX780 Classified I'll also be repurposing a few bits from my current machine (see sig). To clarify why I'm asking, I have seen a few builds with the RIVF AND RIVE but most are using Sandy Bridge-E rather than IB-E. Power management: Has Mavericks 10.9 enabled complete native power management on IB-E processors? E.g. Turbo, speed step, sleep etc. I did see some announcement that 2011 power management was working under 10.9 but I can't find anyone sharing info in their build threads. Installation: For my current 12 core build I created the installation onto a target drive from a 'real' mac pro. I then added the DSDT, kexts etc. from there and swapped it over into my mackintosh and everything was pretty much sorted. All I had to do was swap over a modified mach kernel. Is there any reason why I shouldn't use this method again with Mavericks? I know rampagedev has instructions on his site for myHackwhich I can follow otherwise. DSDT: Also this one is for RampageDev - I saw an update saying you are now using SSDT to inject values into DSDT or something along those lines. Is the RIVF .dmg download on your site using this new method, and are the 'How To Install DSDT' instructions up to date with this? Am I correct in saying that I should only perform your DSDT instructions after 10.9 installation and once successfully booted into the X79 system - not just unpack and add the files to their locations while the HDD is attached to my 'real' mac as an external drive? Thanks for any help!
  5. DJenkins

    Water Cooled G4 Cube case mod

    Impressive indeed, what a great little machine! You've got my vote
  6. Hey thanks PunkNugget! I've been away for the last few weeks while me and my lady got hitched so only just saw this update. Looking forward to people submitting some new builds before the year is out - maybe someone here will come up with a 16 or 20 or even 24 core build??? I may even have another mini-machine coming... just a little friend for the 12 core but I promise the cables will be tidy on this one
  7. DJenkins

    HeavyMetal - 12 core SR-2 Build

    hmmm even looks to be some nice pre-sleeved ones out there that go with my Silverstone PSU. Thanks for the tip off - just don't tell anyone I didn't sleeve them myself I might add this whole affair has been my first time diving inside a computer case so I'm willing to admit there's still plenty to learn
  8. DJenkins

    HeavyMetal - 12 core SR-2 Build

    The board is actually too tall/far away from the PSU for the cables to reach around the back. Doesn't really bother me though, the case is always closed up. Not the tidiest operation but thought I'd share anyway to show there are some 12 core workhorses out there kicking ass
  9. DJenkins

    HeavyMetal - 12 core SR-2 Build

    Thanks man of baldyness! Damn build bug makes me still want to try more things & new machines though
  10. Hey guys, I've finally decided to submit my build here. This thing took quite a while to get going and I still feel is a work in progress but at least it's at a stage where I think the components I've chosen are working the best they can. I'm greedy and wanted this machine to do a bit of everything, which made finding suitable components tricky. I'd like to thank braindeadmac and PunkNugget for their help in setting me on the right path for overclocking and choosing components. There's another guy out there called Tutor who also contributes a lot to these style of builds and I can't forget info@turnpcintomac.com who I first approached about the build in the first stage. RampageDev has also contributed to troubleshooting and I hope he'll work his magic in tidying up my system files soon as well Also I'm going to submit while I'm at the top of the Geekbench 3 list for highest OSX multi-core score... but now that I've said this I doubt it'll last very long!! Specs: EVGA SR-2 motherboard 2 x X5679 CPU with Noctua DH14 coolers 48GB G.Skill Ripjaws Z 1600MHz RAM MSI GTX570 Twin Frozr II GPU driving a 30" Apple cinema display Silverstone Strider ST1500 PSU OCZ 240GB 6Gb/s SSD - OSX 10.8.4 OCZ 120GB 6Gb/s SSD - Media Cache OCZ 240GB PCIe SSD - Windows 7 Areca 1213-4i 8TB RAID 5 - Media Storage Firewire 1394a/b card - Backup HDDs and Edirol FA-66 audio interface with Yamaha HS50M audio monitors Lian Li PC Z-70 tower case Performance: I don't always run overclocked but I've spent a bit of time seeing what the machine was capable of. I was quite happy with the results, even in comparison to what others achieved with higher clocked CPUs like the X5680 and X5690. Note I never torture tested for extensive amounts of time, but did let it run through prime95 OSX for a while and things were cruising along ok. Out of interest I smashed it with prime95 and a demanding Cinema4D render at the same time and not surprisingly that set things crashing down after about 20 minutes or so - both these processes were fighting over 100% resources on all cores simultaneously! Temps never broke 60°C which I thought was great for a system without liquid cooling. The guys with the top OSX Geekbench scores use a method called underclocking, which provides greater CPU performance but limits you to OSX 10.7.3 as the latest operating system. I prefer OSX 10.8 so I went the traditional overclocking route. I also think higher clocked memory would have enabled me to push things further as I had to stay within 1600MHz limits. The scores are: Cinebench 11.5 = 21.96 Geekbench 3 = 35,739 (current highest OSX score) Geekbench 2 = 33,182 (second highest score to braindeadmac using overclocking and latest OSX version, 6th highest overall OSX score) Photos: Note: I'm nowhere near patient enough to sleeve cables to nice colours as my case is closed up and windowless... so some photoshop may have been to make things look a bit nicer for display here Also the tan colour of the Noctua fans leaves a lot to be desired! Anyway I hope you guys like the build. If anyone is thinking of doing the same thing I would suggest doing a lot of research on compatible hardware first. I had a lot of trouble with RAM, firewire and RAID cards at first. The other thing is these SR-2 boards can be difficult to deal with and I'm still convinced I got one with extra demons inside so make sure you have a lot of patience! Thanks for looking.
  11. Not sure if I can help you personally but I have found the SR-2 to be problematic with RAID cards amongst other things. My ATTO R348 was unusable as well. I switched to a Areca 1213-4i which seems to work ok. I would try one card at a time and disable all other PCIe slots. I had terrible problems with bad firewire cards, which seemed to work ok but would cause problems with the RAID card. So weird because it made me think the new Areca RAID card was the problem but it wasn't. Removed the firewire card and everything was ok. RampageDev on here might be your best option for trying to create a better DSDT. Good luck!
  12. Hey guys, I've been running my SR-2 machine for a year now but the damn thing has never really been reliable. Was wondering if it's worth taking all the other components over to a Tyan or Supermicro board. What are your experiences with these things and what is/isn't working compared to the SR-2? I have a firewire audio interface via 1394 PCIe card and ethernet through PCIe card already so that stuff doesn't bother me. What I would like is a machine that works with all power management (turbo, speedstep) and sleep and boots up every time without fail. Must run latest Mountain Lion versions. Looking to use my existing GTX 570 and possibly upgrade to 580/780 or Titan in the future. I have 48GB of g.skill unbuffered memory. Areca RAID card also. Thanks for any help!
  13. DJenkins

    [Completed Build] Deep Thought

    Ahh no my attendance is slipping! Would definitely have voted but it seems you didn't need it anyway Congrats!
  14. DJenkins

    [SOLVED] SR-2 help... various issues

    Hi Kilopopo, yep it's been running great! A while back I followed braindeadmac, Tutor and Punknugget's guides on overclocking and got some decent results. I think it's still within the top 10 of highest OSX scores on geekbench - link. At the moment I am only running on stock settings because my workload has dropped quite a lot and I'm not pushing through massive renders anymore. Yes sleep and wake works well when on stock settings. But about once every 3-4 weeks I get an FF or similar error when waking from sleep and I have to reset the BIOS and apply my saved settings again but it's not too bad, only takes a few minutes. Also the machine won't wake from sleep when overclocked at all, I'm not sure anyone has been able to achieve this. As far as I know they just shut down their machines instead of sleeping.
  15. Well deserved indeed! I'm having trouble picturing what the next build will be... this was pretty much the pinnacle haha