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Looking for DSDT General Guide

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I've seen many specific "How do I fix problem 'X' on my 'Y'?", or "Guide for getting 'X' working on 'Y'.", but nothing specific about DSDT, and the what/why/how of editing it. Hardware specific examples are fine, but I'm looking for a resource that I can use to educate myself about it in abstract so I can work on actually editing on my own. It seems necessary for going forward with this platform (I'd rather be able do to as much as I can myself.). Does anyone have a resource they can point me to, or knowledge to share?


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Thanks! It's my understanding we edit these tables due to OS X having some sort of a different implementation. Can you point me to somewhere that outlines the differences?

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That is actually very interesting and is a great place to look up sections of the DSDT that are confusing.  


What would still be super-useful to me at this stage is a "concept and strategy" document or wiki that helps pin down what are the key parts of editing an extracted DSDT for Hackintoshing.  There are certainly code snippets out there that provide glimpses of understanding and solve particular problems.  Occasionally someone will say something in a post that reveals a much deeper level of knowledge and allows them to approach this systematically.  A lot of the rest of us are throwing code against the wall and seeing what sticks... not very satisfying. ;)


Ie. not already having a deep knowledge of low-level architecture, I'm looking for a way to get more educated in this area.  


At a practical level, it's hard to contribute beyond testing to the OSX86 realm without this knowledge.  And it seems that, since that even a "simple" BIOS change can result in a very different-looking decompiled .AML, it's easy to get lost fast without a strategy.  

Very grateful for all the info on this site, just looking to "level up" a bit... Any pointers appreciated.  

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just keep on doing what you're doing, DKMN. i agree that a wiki would be very helpful. Ive never got interested in dsdt and found ways around it with other fixes. If the day comes when i have a board that has no other way then dsdt edits, thats when i'll pick it up.


searching/checking posts in the forums and blogs is where you are going to find the most information about different fixes and why they are being applied.

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