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(10.8.5)New nVidia Web Driver Available


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meh...auto-update refuses to work with a non-mac pro model identifier...of course.


Still looking for a download link...EDIT...ah yes, here it is


Okay so for the nth time, here's how to install the driver on a Hack with a non-Mac Pro model identifier.


Log in here with your Apple Developer Account and download Auxiliary Tools For XCode, in order to get PackageMaker.app.


Run PackageMaker, fill in the "Organization" string however you want and click OK. From the Edit menu click Open Flat Package Editor.

Open the webdriver pkg with Flat Package Editor, drag the file "distribution" to your desktop and open it with TextEdit.

Find where it says "MacPro3,1" and replace it with your model identifier, for example, "iMac13,1". This is easy right?

Save your modified file, delete the original "distribution" file and drag the modified one onto the Flat Package Editor window.

Save, quit, run the installer while wondering whether you're a hacker now, or if there's more to it.




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