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Nvidia 7950Gx2

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I'm planning to buy a Nvidia 7950Gx2 card.. specifically XFX 7950Gx2 XXX Edition for my Mac Pro 3Ghz.


ive read on the net some ppl having sucess with the 7950gx2 under the windows enviroment

unfortunaetly it causes a kernel panic when booting into OSx??

does the new updates 10.4.8 or the new firmware update for the Mac Pro fix this problem?


or rather anyone out there have luck running this card on thier mac pro?


mainly casue i don't want to buy the card only to find out it doesn't work...


Thanks in advance!


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It wont work, Card need EFI firmware to work on a Mac Pro. Now if you want to just run windows, thats another story.


OS X doesn't have a kernal panic.From what I have heard, OS X sees the card but cant do anything with it. It just does not have drivers for the card, now i suppose if you got some drivers for this card by searching around the forum in the OSX86 section. It should work because the drivers are witten for OS X.

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