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10.9 Bluetooth wont add new device.


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Hi guys, i have big problem with bluetooth. 
I have two bluetooth's
- CSR8510 A10 Chip 
- Hama Nano 3.0+
Okay, so what is the problem, that i don't have menu "add new device", so i can't pair anything. I can switch on and off this two bluetooth dongles. 
I have tryed today solve some little and moved com.apple.bluetooth.plist from my macbook pro retina to hackintosh, and.. My Hackintosh has automatic connected to iPhone, but.. Hackintosh update this file automatic and for some reason delete "Pair Devices", and i can't see Magic Mouse that i paired with macbook. Only iPhone. 
This is what my bluetooth from Hama Nano looks in system report




And like you see, iphone is paired from macbook pro's plist. 




I don't know, is it good or bad thing, that i first installed 10.9 to macbook to external hard drive, than i updated it to DP6, because i have Haswell processor, then i just copied partition to hackintosh drive and added basic fakecms. My model in smbios is MacPro5,1. But name is same as macbook pro. 


in attachment files you can download my plist for bluetooth that i use in Hackintosh. 


Any things about this case? Or is it easiest just by different bluetooth? Because i thinked, that CSR are native bluetooth in mac.. 




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