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2004 - Sony Vaio PCV-RS620G ?


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I have a Sony Vaio from 2004. I use it sparingly now and currently have Ubuntu Linux installed. I mainly use it as a Print Server for my LaserJet Printer, since it has a parallel port. I also installed a second hard drive, and it is full of files I'd like to keep. It has the video inputs, to allow me to record video onto the computer. It's also sentimental to me, as my now late Grandfather bought it for me.


It is a 32 bit computer, I've installed extra RAM putting it at a total of 2.5GB. I can probably install 4GB, if the parts are available. I don't care about the functionality of the 56k Modem or the Floppy Drive, I've never used them. It uses IDE Drive connections. I currently and will continue to use a Microsoft USB Wireless Mouse and Keyboard. It's an Intel Pentium 4, running at 3 GHz. I installed a Lightscribe DVD Drive in it.


I now have an Apple MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone. They all sync together well, and I would like to bring this computer into the mix. What are the options available to me, to install OSX on this system?





Here are the official specs, from the Sony website:






Intel® Pentium®

with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology

Cache Memory

1MB L2 Cache

Front Side Bus Speed


Standard RAM

512MB PC-3200 400MHz DDR (expandable to 2.0GB)

Hard Drive2


160GB 7200rpm Ultra ATA/100 Hard


DVD±RW / CD-RW Drive5


(8X max. -R write / 4X max. -RW rewrite / 8X max. -R/-RW read)


(8X max. +R write / 4X max. +RW rewrite /

8X +R/+RW max. read)


(40X max. -R write / 24X max. rewrite /



16X max. DVD-ROM Read / 40X max. CD-ROM read

Floppy Disk Drive

3.5” 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive

Video & Graphics

ATI RadeonTM 9200

128MB Video Memory (128-bit DDR) VGA-out / DVI-Out (DVI output:

1280x1024x60Hz max.)/TV-Out 8X AGP 3D Graphics Hardware


Giga PocketTM MPEG2 Encoder / TV



10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet (RJ-45)


V.90 compatible data/fax modem

Expansion Slots

Multi-Media Card Reader (Memory StickTM, Compact FlashTM Type I and

TM TypeII,IBMMicroDrive ,and



Three PCI (two occupied)

Expansion Bays

Two 5.25” Half-Height (occupied) One External 3.5” (occupied) Two Internal 3.5” (one occupied)

Port Connections

Seven USB 2.0 (three front/four rear) TwoPS/2® (Mouse/Keyboard)

One VGA/DVI Monitor Port / TV-Out One S/PDIF Out / One Parallel Port /

One Line In

One 6pin i.LINK Port (rear)/ One

4pin (front)

One Headphone / One Microphone S-Video: Two Inputs (front and rear) Composite Video / Audio Inputs

(front and rear)

Stereo Line Input/Output CoaxialInput(VHF/UHF)

Supplied Accessories

Speakers (Stereo) IRRemoteControlandReceiver VAIO® Keyboard / PS/2® Mouse

Power Requirements

Min. 266W 100-120V 4.7A (50/60Hz)

Power Management

ACPI 1.0 Compliant

Dimensions (CPU) & Weight (CPU)

7.2”(W) x 15.6”(H) x 14.9”(D) 26.5 lbs.


4 Processor 3E GHz1


One 8x AGP (occupied by Graphics

Smart Media

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Snow Leopard/Leopard should work (both with patched kernel, as P4 is not supported by the stock OS X kernel). However I'm not 100% sure about the VGA - that particular model of card (though it has been used in Macs) and AGP bus (though it was used in PowerPC Macs, but I personally never had AGP hackintosh so don't know for sure). It is not clear from the description what sound card is used, depending on the model it may or may not work.


A compatible PCI VGA card could be used though as well as an USB sound card. There are other "ifs" and "buts", but in general it should be good.

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I'd recommend installing from retail DVD/image of retail DVD (both Leopard and Snow Leopard). Since you have a real Mac computer, there should be complications to make all the necessary things for retail install. There are many guides for this.

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Ok, my computer can't boot by USB. I did have a few old custom OSX discs lying around.


I have Hazard Snow Leopard, and iAtkos V7 Leopard.


I was unable to get iAtkos V7 to completely install. Hazard installed correctly, but Chameleon didn't install. I was able to get Chameleon installed, with the iAtkos disc.


Once I got to Chameleon, I chose the Mac partition, and it got a Kernel Panic while booting.



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If your PC can't boot from an USB, you can still boot it from a boot CD (a CD containing Chameleon and all other things necessary to boot OS X on a PC). There quite many versions of such disks and you can even make one yourself. Boot CD is used to boot/install from a genuine OS X DVD.


Other method is to restore OS X DVD to a dedicated partition on the same HDD you intend to install OS X to. Then install/configure boot loader and use this as an installation media.

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I've gotten the discs to boot, it appeared to install, chameleon installed, but when I tried to boot, I instantly got a kernel panic. I don't know what settings, kexts, and kernels to use, when I install.

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As with any distro, select as less options as possible. The goal is to get a bootable OS X system, then solve other problems. The minimum amount (in your case) would be:

patched kernel (anv legacy kernel for instance)

patched AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext (or other chipset kext; needed for the system to recognise internal HDD(s))


Avoid installing any VGA/Audio/Network drivers during fresh install, as this can make troubleshooting more complicated.

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