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  1. 2004 - Sony Vaio PCV-RS620G ?

    I've gotten the discs to boot, it appeared to install, chameleon installed, but when I tried to boot, I instantly got a kernel panic. I don't know what settings, kexts, and kernels to use, when I install.
  2. 2004 - Sony Vaio PCV-RS620G ?

    Ok, my computer can't boot by USB. I did have a few old custom OSX discs lying around. I have Hazard Snow Leopard, and iAtkos V7 Leopard. I was unable to get iAtkos V7 to completely install. Hazard installed correctly, but Chameleon didn't install. I was able to get Chameleon installed, with the iAtkos disc. Once I got to Chameleon, I chose the Mac partition, and it got a Kernel Panic while booting.
  3. 2004 - Sony Vaio PCV-RS620G ?

    Thank you... Can you post a link that could get me started, please.
  4. 2004 - Sony Vaio PCV-RS620G ?

    Awesome, what distro should I use, and with what options selected? I don't wish to dual boot.
  5. I have a Sony Vaio from 2004. I use it sparingly now and currently have Ubuntu Linux installed. I mainly use it as a Print Server for my LaserJet Printer, since it has a parallel port. I also installed a second hard drive, and it is full of files I'd like to keep. It has the video inputs, to allow me to record video onto the computer. It's also sentimental to me, as my now late Grandfather bought it for me. It is a 32 bit computer, I've installed extra RAM putting it at a total of 2.5GB. I can probably install 4GB, if the parts are available. I don't care about the functionality of the 56k Modem or the Floppy Drive, I've never used them. It uses IDE Drive connections. I currently and will continue to use a Microsoft USB Wireless Mouse and Keyboard. It's an Intel Pentium 4, running at 3 GHz. I installed a Lightscribe DVD Drive in it. I now have an Apple MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone. They all sync together well, and I would like to bring this computer into the mix. What are the options available to me, to install OSX on this system? Here are the official specs, from the Sony website: Model PCV-RS620G HARDWARE Processor Intel® Pentium® with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology Cache Memory 1MB L2 Cache Front Side Bus Speed 800MHz Standard RAM 512MB PC-3200 400MHz DDR (expandable to 2.0GB) Hard Drive2 2 160GB 7200rpm Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive DVD±RW / CD-RW Drive5 DVD±RW -RW (8X max. -R write / 4X max. -RW rewrite / 8X max. -R/-RW read) +RW (8X max. +R write / 4X max. +RW rewrite / 8X +R/+RW max. read) CD-RW (40X max. -R write / 24X max. rewrite / 40Xmax.-R/-RWread) DVD-ROM 16X max. DVD-ROM Read / 40X max. CD-ROM read Floppy Disk Drive 3.5” 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive Video & Graphics ATI RadeonTM 9200 128MB Video Memory (128-bit DDR) VGA-out / DVI-Out (DVI output: 1280x1024x60Hz max.)/TV-Out 8X AGP 3D Graphics Hardware Acceleration Giga PocketTM MPEG2 Encoder / TV Tuner Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet (RJ-45) Modem V.90 compatible data/fax modem Expansion Slots Multi-Media Card Reader (Memory StickTM, Compact FlashTM Type I and TM TypeII,IBMMicroDrive ,and TM Card) Three PCI (two occupied) Expansion Bays Two 5.25” Half-Height (occupied) One External 3.5” (occupied) Two Internal 3.5” (one occupied) Port Connections Seven USB 2.0 (three front/four rear) TwoPS/2® (Mouse/Keyboard) One VGA/DVI Monitor Port / TV-Out One S/PDIF Out / One Parallel Port / One Line In One 6pin i.LINK Port (rear)/ One 4pin (front) One Headphone / One Microphone S-Video: Two Inputs (front and rear) Composite Video / Audio Inputs (front and rear) Stereo Line Input/Output CoaxialInput(VHF/UHF) Supplied Accessories Speakers (Stereo) IRRemoteControlandReceiver VAIO® Keyboard / PS/2® Mouse Power Requirements Min. 266W 100-120V 4.7A (50/60Hz) Power Management ACPI 1.0 Compliant Dimensions (CPU) & Weight (CPU) 7.2”(W) x 15.6”(H) x 14.9”(D) 26.5 lbs. 5 4 Processor 3E GHz1 ) One 8x AGP (occupied by Graphics Smart Media
  6. This is a modification of the default theme for Chameleon. I have tested it on RC3 and RC4. This theme allows you to make your boot screen look like an OEM graphical bootloader. Included are logos for many popular computer manufacturers, and many popular operating systems. To make this work you need to choose the graphic corresponding with your computer or os that is located in the *_png folders. Transfer that file into the oem_theme folder, and rename it to the appropriate corresponding filename. The folders with the extra graphics are named to match the file that they replace in the "oem_theme" folder. For example: Say I have an Alienware computer, I would choose "alienware.png" from the folder "logo_png." and move it to the folder "oem_theme" and rename it to "logo.png," overwriting the previous file. If I have Ubuntu Linux, I would choose "ubuntu.png" from the folder "device_ext3_png" and move it to the folder "oem_theme" and rename it to "device_ext3.png" overwriting the previous file. If I have Windows XP, I would choose "WindowsXP.png" from the folder "device_ntfs_png" and move it to the folder "oem_theme" and rename it to "device_ntfs.png overwriting the previous file. Place the folder "oem_theme" in your themes folder and add it to your "com.apple.boot.plist" Copyright: This theme was created by the Chameleon team, and modified by Raditude. You may distribute this freely as long as all files are included unmodified, and proper credit is given. You may add images for other Operating Systems or Computer Manufacturers when distributing them. Example: OEMTheme.zip