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disable touchscreen via DSDT


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my inbuilt touch screen seems to cause my cursor to get pushed to the top left under os x, so i wish to disable it.


i am hopeful i can perhaps do this by removing or editing the DSDT entry for it. i'm not quite sure which entry to edit or remove.


its connected via USB, and i have attached my untouched (sorry for the pun)DSDT from windows here.


device manager says this:

Location Information: Port_#0003.Hub_#0003

Physical Device Object Name: \Device\USBPDO-5

Address: 00000003


i've also attached the USBView output if that helps.


hopefully this solution if found would help others too.





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interesting you replied today, i have the computer back this weekend and i'm looking at it again.


i've unplugged the cable from the motherboard at the moment because i can't do anything in os x with it plugged in.


do you happen to know which kexts it is loading? strangely, i have another computer that has a touchscreen and it doesn't exhibit this problem.

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