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LAN or WAN options with AWSU036h on OSX10.6


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Hi there


I am wanting some help with setting up my home network. My neighbour and I are sharing the internet connection from the router in his house (as I cannot get phone lines down my driveway for the next 6 months).


My plan is to set the antenna up near the top of my house as that is where I can pickup the signal, however I want that signal to then get to my mac which is in the lounge. I currently have CAT5e cable in the wall that I thought I could use but when I connected my AWSU036h with a RJ45 adaptor I found that this didn't work.


So my question is:

Is there an easy way to connect from the ALFA AWSU036h to my computer in the lounge? Or would there be an easier way than feeding a 20+m USB cable through the walls and roof cavity?


Here is a picture of what I am trying to achieve with my actual house plan.


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