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Hidpi Mode / resolution


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Hy everybody

I tried to "simulate"  a retina display on my 32 inch lcd tv / 1920 x 1080( as a pc monitor ) and the fonts looks clear / better but they are huge.


After i checked this out, i found that the best solution would be a monitor with 2048×1536 or higher resolution.


Did anybody here tried Hidpi mode on a hackintosh / Mac Mini / on a 27 inch ( or higher ) monitor with a higher resolution than 1920 x 1080 ?

Would be a great idea to upgrade my lcd tv ? If i'd know that the fonts looks better on a higher resolution than full hd, i would upgrade it.

But first, i'd like to here your advices.

Thanks in advance.

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The key thing with super high resolution, is to have more pixels per square space of a display. In other words the smaller the pixels are, the more details can be reproduced and picture would look more "crisp". Just compare two displays of the same size (say 17" notebook) but with different resolution (say 1600x900 VS 1920x1080). The screen size (dimensions) is the same but image would look quite differently.


Bottom line, buy smaller display with higher resolution. IMO

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Here is a PPI comparison between MBP Retina 15 inches vs 4K Display 28 inches

MacBook Retina Display - 226 PPI
4K display 28 inch - 157 PPI

So, what do you think ? Is 4k / 28 inches, getting close to MBP Retina 15 inches, when scaled / HiDPI ?


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