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  1. What do you think, guys, how are the fonts looking @ 4k / 32 inches ( 139 PPI ) vs iMac 27 " retina ( 217 PPI ) Does it get close to 27 " retina , the 4k / 32 inches ? Thank you
  2. I ordered this monitor : https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=0JC-0007-00G94 I will try to install macOS High Sierra, and if i can't, i'll try to get a mac mini Are there any mac mini, with support for 4k and 60 Hz ? Thank you
  3. Hello everyone, I would like to buy an external soundcard for the iMac 27" 5k. I do not want to mix / edit music, only for audition, but i also would prefer to have the option ( software or hardware ) for adjusting the bas, mid and treble. What would you recommend ? My budget is about 300 euro. Thank you
  4. Or even Dell UltraSharp UP3218K for hackintosh ? Would the OSX support this resolution ?!
  5. Nobody here is using a 5k monitor + Hackintosh ?!
  6. lemarqq

    GTX 1080 / web driver for Yosemite ?

    Thanks, i will give it a try
  7. lemarqq

    GTX 1080 / web driver for Yosemite ?

    Thank you, cyberdevs I have on my external HDD a file ( Sierra 10.12 Developer Preview ) Whats the best and easiest way to upgrade from Yosemite to Sierra ? I haven't done this before. Would you please tell me / share a link - video ? Thanks, again
  8. Do i have a chance to find a driver for the GTX 1080 - Yosemite ? I did some research, but couldn't find anything. Any advices are welcome, thanks in advance.
  9. I'm undecided between an iMac 5k 27 inches / monitor 5k 27 inches with OS X on my PC What would you recommend, guys ? Does the Dell 5K UP2715K / LG Ultrafine 5K 27 inches, deliver the same clear text, image quality, fonts, same as the iMac 5K 27 inches ? With a monitor + OS X on my PC, it could be a lot cheaper for me. My PC specs are : I7 4790K / 16GBDDR3 /GA Z97X-UD5H /GTX 1080 / 1xSSD 500 GB Samsung Evo / 1xSSD 1 TB Crucial / 3 TB HDD Seagate, Samsung UE55KS7500 ( for gaming ) If i go for a monitor, could i connect it from my GPU ? Do i need Thunderbolt ?! I have 2 DP free, on the GPU Any advices are welcome, thank you
  10. I couldn't find a driver for Creative ZxR, so i decide it to get another soundcard What about Asus Xonar Essence STX II ? Are there drivers for this model ? Thank you
  11. Could you give more details how to do this, please ?
  12. lemarqq

    Creative ZxR driver ?!

    So, i have no chance ?!
  13. Ok, i'll give it a try, thank you What about the boot order ? NTFS first and OSX second ?