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Hdmi port on Intel X3100 Chipset...possible now?


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Hello everybody, this is my first post.  Thank you all for such a great forum.   


So anyhow, I recently played around with installing OSX 10.6 on an older Dell inspiron 1525.  After several days of playing around I was able to successful boot up and install the OS.  In fact, everything is working except for Hdmi and well Facetime for some reason( network connection error all the time, but trying to solve on step at a time) so I'll work on Facetime at a later time.


  Now i have done many searches on the forum but I was unable to find any info regarding, whether  you can get the hdmi port to work.

THe computer has the x3100 card Intel 945 or 965 chipset, can't remember exactly.    I used the Dell Bootloader 1525 to install and have added all the main kexts.   I checked out other forums as well and from what I have read, it is not possible.  Just wanted to make sure though, as I would love to be able to get hdmi to work.  I know the newer graphics cards will do it, but any chance the x3100 can?


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